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We have been developing and testing software since 2006. The founders of the company and key people in the team are developers by trade, all having a solid working experience not only in Ukraine but abroad. Our approach is based on our interest in all information technologies, so we not only create software, but we live it.
About Polytech Software
History of our company
We work out of our state of the art loft-style office space, which is in the center of Kyiv the beating heart of Ukraine's vibrant tech scene. From this workspace we not only work but we also hold training sessions and meet with our many clients.

You or anyone else is always welcome to swing by for a chat to run anything by us, get some ideas, or ask for our help. We say that as already with our help, many companies from the USA, Great Britain, and the European Union have achieved great success in part with software developed and tested by our team.
Core of our team
Our all-stars team consists of experienced professionals
who will develop the perfect product for your project
Vadim Sharko
Founder & Executive Director
Irina Tsulaia
Co-founder and Managing Partner
Rustam Nurgudin
Partner, Chief Technical Officer
Adam Nelson
Board Advisor
The principles of our work
Our experience, knowledge and operating principles are a great advantage for our clients
Customer's freedom
We build qualitative software solutions that retain our customers.Our software products are built on common standards and can easily be changed by any programmer.
We are not afraid to say no
We don't want to build poor quality products. We refuse to take on projects if we realize that the final result will not meet either our or customer's expectations.
We are on your side
During our cooperation, our team becomes a part of your project. We are also interested in your business growth.
We build our cooperation based on regular communication and trust. That's why we care about your safety more than you.
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The values that we are proud of
Working in our company and the same number of programmers collaborate with our team in project development.
Our customer portfolio consists of the world's leading tech companies
We have grown from a group of 20-some persons to a major company with 250 Programmers and Testers
Tons of coffee
We drank during the whole period of our work
We are partners of
We've been on the market for over 13 years and we've managed to work with such famous brands.
Check our latest cases
Our certificates
Our experience, knowledge and operating principles are a great advantage for our clients
Check our latest cases
We turn your problems into situations,
and then we solve them
If you're having trouble keeping up with the volume of customer requests, optimization of service agents' workload, efficient work of your warehouse - our offer is just for you

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+1 202 697 9411 | +44 20 3290 5580


USA, 160 Greentree Drive, Suite 101 Dover, DE 19904
Ukraine, 03150, Kyiv, 5a Dilova str., building 10

Polytech Software

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