The World of unique gamers
A Special ESports championship of Russia 2018 - 2019 among children and teenagers with special needs
The Project's mission:
To get across to every child with special needs that it is possible to live a full colorful life, being an active participant on an equal basis with others.
The Project's aims:
  • Developing & promotion of the "Special ESports movement" in Russia, countries of the CIS & near and far abroad;
  • Attracting new ESports followers from among the "unique children";
  • Drawing attention to the disabilities' concerns of public, statement and other organizations
Uniqueness of the tournament
The similar competitions have never taken place earlier. Its creation plays very important role in unifying so popular stream of world industry of ESports and leisure of differently-abled children and teenagers, who have to live separately, spending a great deal of time on their computers. This event is expected to get started with a world-wide movement the World of unique gamers*.

*The World of unique gamers
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Consent of the parents to the child's participation in the competition
June 24, 2018 in Moscow on the leading and largest venue for cyber competition Yota Arena gathered the most unusual players from all over Russia to fight in the game disciplines and just participate in a festive charity event for fans of computer games. More than a hundred children from all over Russia took part in the first competition for special gamers.

Such championships were not held in the world, and its creation carries an important social and charitable mission, combining the popular direction of the world industry of e-sports and leisure for children and adolescents with disabilities who are forced to lead a "closed" way of life, often spending a large amount of time at computer. This event will be the launch of the world movement "World of Unique Gamers" ("World of Unique Gamers").
At 10:00 in the morning the teams of cyber sportsmen occupied their playgrounds. The first winners were already announced by 12:00, they were participants of the games in the category WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP FIFA (8+). Followers of the game judges noted that unique gamers in many respects superior to classical cyber sportsmen. After the festive concert, the winners in the nomination Need for Speed (8+) were announced. In the game Counter-Strike (14+) the first place was taken by a team led by a unique gamer with one hand, which did not prevent him from professionally beating opponents. Between the competitions the participants of the Championship spent time surrounded by volunteers on a specially created entertainment ground in Yota Arena, played, drew and participated in a festive concert. No one unique cyber sportsman was left without a present. The championship was held, as it should be, with the participation of professional judges from the Russian Federation of Computer Sports.

At the press conference, great importance was given to the inclusion of unique athletes in the professional community of gamers. So, FCC President Dmitry Smith noted how important the creation of such a movement is and indicated the interest of the Federation in further support of the "World of Unique Gamers" project. The authors of the project shared the plans for the movement and told about international integrations and championships under the sign "World of Unique Gamers". They noted how important it is to support such children and give them the opportunity to self-realization in the society, including in the professional computer community.
The project was supported by such partners as Mosigra, Fragstore online store, a number of charitable organizations and other companies.

Fragstore - a cybersport online store for gamers, who provided game and computer devices, valuable and memorable prizes with autographs of the best cyber sportsmen in Russia, the VIRTUS PRO team;

For all participants, the company Mosigra provided gifts and created a gaming lounge where children and guests could have fun and usefully spend time

"YES Dobro" Foundation, which provided great support to the organizers, with the assistance of the magazine for intelligent children "LUCHIK";

Socially responsible nutritious brand Burger King in a super-fast mode fed children with vopperami. Delivery of 100 vopperov took only 35 minutes!

ProdMir group of companies provided fresh fruits and berries for all guests of the holiday;

Informational partners of the championship: "Other Russia", GoodGame, MID.TV and others.

A concert for children and guests of the holiday, in the organization of which the charitable team "WORLD" took part, opened the golden voice of the "Turbomoda" group Eugene Kholmsky. The concert program was attended by eminent artists and musical groups. Special emotions were caused by the performance of the creative team of children with hearing impairments "Angels of Hope" under the direction of Alena Orlova. The hosts of the event were TV presenter Fashion TV, public figure, Svetlana Goreva and author and singer Vlad Balu.

The event was visited and awarded by winners Dmitry Ignatov - the parachlete, the multiple winner of competitions on swimming, the leader of news of the most popular YouTube channel about business in Russia "Transformer" and the TV presenter. Pleasantly pleased guests of the evening Margarita Sidorova (Lions Club Russia), representing the largest and most effective public organization in the world, aimed at the organization of charity and support to the needy. It has nearly 1,400,000 members in 197 countries and geographical areas of the world. Separately, I would like to note the memorable gift from FCS for Smetanin Dmitry, "For Respect", the athlete with one hand made almost impossible and at the end of the day was the best, for which he was awarded a smartphone and awarded an exclusive prize from Fragstore, a T-shirt with autographs of the leading team in the World in Virtus Pro.

All participants of the project received a thank-you letter with warm words of support from Batysheva Tatyana Timofeevna, a deputy of the Moscow City Duma, director of the Scientific and Practical Center for Child Psychoneurology, the main children's neurologist in Moscow. The project was also supported by the member of the Federation Council, Goldstein Rostislav Ernestovich, who noted the importance of such events for the socialization of special groups in the society. Smirnov Yuri Valentinovich, the president of the Special Olympics of Russia, a deputy of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, also gave a welcome address to the participants of the First Open Cyber Sports Championship for children with disabilities, noting that competitions of this nature have a high social significance, the majority of the championship participants who have some or other health restrictions plan to link their work with the IT sphere, which is a demonstration of high intellectual potential. At the same time, Yuri Valentinovich urged to always remember that fiction and books in general, this is the source of the formation of the individual and the world outlook.

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